JUL 2018-APRIL 2019

I worked at Virtualitics, where I having fun with VR and AI powered data analysis platforms. I got chance to work with developing data analysis software from the early stage. By learning to communicate and work with engineers, I became familiarized with systematical thinking in developing a useful tool for data analysts.


Internship Brief

I joined the startup company and got the chance to work with B2B data analysis software from defining features and QA testing bugs to promote the experience of using this software.

Project Landscape

1. Market Research
I spent lots of time defining features and conduct competitor research when interning and got to learn different ways of showing the findings.

2. New Feature: Image Capture Wireframing
Below is one of the wireframes that I was mainly in charge of image capturing to help data analysts to take screenshot and share to the other

3. Systematical thinking and wireframing
Below is one of the wireframes that I was working on debug on current feature and refine it based on system interactions

4. Icon and system NavBar
-Redesign current icon system as more features are added
-Design new icons from scratch

5. Website Redesign
-I was working on the early stage on website redesign from competitor research to layout explorations

6. Website Redesign
-Working with marketing on detailed documentation for a design system or pattern library

My Learning Process

Be Creative & Fun

Even though it was data analysis software, being creative on the design process and enjoy the design is important. Sometimes, design come from playing and prototyping in a rapid tool such as drawing/ animating.

Communication with Engineers

I learnt to communicate with engineers by understanding the system features and find achievable designs in existing market. Also, it is important to keep in mind that designing more options is never a bad choice to show the backup plans.

Task-based Testing and always Q&A as a first-time user

Testing is important for designer to rethink about the linear user journey of starting the app to end a task. Task-based design is a important for user to have a better experiences.

Internship of B2B startup Corporate Culture

It was so much fun to talk on slack and being a part of the family. I learnt to be friends with every team as we collaborate.

Eventually became friends with our team and attend design events together.