2018- 2019 | Designing for AI & VR empowered B2B data visualization software for enterprise

3D engineers
UI & UX designers
Data scientists

10 months

UX Design intern

Axure, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Virtualitics is a California Institute of Technology and NASA/JPL based data analysis company.

It is the first platform to merge Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Virtual/Augmented Reality.
It is accomplished $7 million hitting the series B funding. Virtualitics was also one of 50 finalists for SXSW Pitch 2020.
Virtualitcs softwares provides platforms for business industries including banks and government to analyze 3D data. It offers AI-driven analytics, VR platform for sharing data and presentation in 3D world space, and big data visualization.


Generating features and test

I participated multiple tasks with the goal of improving the software interfaces and generating new features to improve KPI and customer ratings


Main Interface Overview

Smart mapping

On the left, users can input their goal to generate key insights from machine learning algorithms based on all data points from an Excel sheet


On the right-hand side, users can dig into the data insights based on colors, shapes, and sizes to find patterns

Contextual menu

On the top, users have multiple tools to view the data graph and edit the states

01. TASK 1

Image Capture Feature

ImageCapture feature released in 2018 as the most important feature based on clients' needs to share data visualization.

Step 1: Problem space

From software demos with 10+ clients, our sales team found that there is an increasing need from clients to share their data visualization graphs with their colleagues. This was ranked as the number 1 task to do when I had just joined the team

User needs

Quick sharing to other without using 3rd party image captures

Can be shared in different formats not just images

Easily access to the capture tool not just export

Show the interactivity with the data graph

1.1 Benchmarking the Competitive Research

By studying detailed pros and cons, I examined the top 20 data analysis softwares by testing them one by one.Here, I breakdown the findings with graph.

1.2 Examples of examining 3D data analysis software

Step 2: Ideation & Discussion

After sharing each finding with the engineers and data analysis team, I decided to break down the features into 3 goals. We decided on the MVP features for the clients based on our team needs and discussions


Image capture


Resize on the screen

Save folder and routes

Step 3: Iterations and wireframing

I redesigned the wire-framing with 3 rounds: 
1. 3 versions of the proposals
2. Feedback version
3. Final prototyping and details

Highlight 01


The pop-up export setting was originally set as a separate window with frame rate, rotation, resolution, etc., based on research


I decided to follow the system guideline and break it into a hierarchical structure based on users' behaviors to make resolutions more understandable

Highlight 02


The first version was too complicated without information clearly displayed


After discussion, I decided to break it into states to show each step of the recording process

Highlight 03

For UI designer

When delivering to UI designers, I emphasize details such as hover-over

For Engineer

I always emphasize features and wireframe flows

Step 4: Final Deliverables & announcement

1.This feature was a main highlight during our investor day. All of them are very excited to have it and wait for the beautiful data to be shared in different places.
2.Example of image capture result

02. TASK 2

3D globe to 2D map

I worked with VR designer to redesign a transition from 3D globe to 2D map by researching on the Unity API and found interesting 3D transformations in the market.

03. TASK 3

Debug and consistency

I worked with Senior UX designer by analyzing each page detail from notification and report bugs to the Q&A team.

Redesign of system icon menu bar

04. TASK 4

Visual assets and website

I worked with marketing closely on redesigning the layout of website as a short-term task.


I always have fun with the process of designing

I played with different dataset to create interesting stories based on them.

Intern Culture

End up with building strong connections and fun moments with the team

I really enjoyed my teammates including design lead and 3D artists, and we hang out to play VR games together.

My Projects/ 2018-2020

🍔 frog Design: Redesign food & family experiences
for families & food/ 2019

💡 Google Look: Voice UI to search nearby
with AI assistant /2018-2020

📈 Virtualitics: Data Analysis Internship
with AI algorithm and VR visualizations

🦄 Bauer: Educational platform to study design
for teenagers / 2020