frog Design

JUN-SEP 2019

I interned at frog's shanghai studio, where I was lucky to work in every step of the project. I gained valuable insights into design consulting, meeting up with clients, and interview with the target market users to generate insights. This experience helped me understand how to conduct field research and make my design responsive to strategic goals.


Internship Brief

Having the opportunity to work at frog made me experience design process more than anything.

Project Landscape

Redesigning and strategizing an existing global consumer brand with the topic of
Future Screens, Kid's audio book, Online/In-Store Book shopping, and in-store events planning.

My Learning Process

Build empathy and
ask the right questions

I really love listen to real users feedbacks and want to follow each step of the design so I asked for following all the field trip interviews.
I was involved in note taking, observation, and asking questions.

Efficiency of Teamworks and Communications

It is important to bring the insights that you learnt from the interviews and generate ideas with the team together.
I learnt to transcribe the voice recording in a fast way and keep the important quotes to share with the team. Also, group discussion about the insights together can really reinforce the concept development.

Market research
can be around my daily life.

I was always looking around for the inspirations when doing the internship. I got so many inspirations when I was walking on the street, downloading a new game, or chatting with friends about a trendy topic. It is important for me to keep an eye on the world and being curious and passionate on the project topic.


Being prepared to have skills that can help the team work faster is important. I love to draw and do animations. When we are doing concept development, I worked on the sketching of storyboards and was in charge of fast prototyping.

Be well-planned
and proactive is very important

Everyone is busy and no one will remember what they assigned the task. So, it is important for me to check in with my directors and coworkers daily to improve the efficiency. Sometimes, I need to approach them to manage the schedule an appointment.

Internship experience at Consultancy Culture

I was very lucky to experience lots of workshops & frog 50 during the internship.

Eventually became friends with our team and attend design events together.