Yotel Capsule Robotic

UI/UX design

Brian Boyl

14 Weeks

UI/UX designer

Sketch & Principle, After Effects, Photoshop

Let's say you are transferring at Union Station at night...


Yotel Robotic Capsule
offers safe stays & intuitive interactions

Stress free room services

Yotel guests are able to free from room services, especially at night time. Hotel owners are free from hiring night time workers for extra expenses.

Order without jumping to another payment page

Since the payment card is linked to customer, it does not require additional information when they order the room service.

Security check

Staying safe in the room is important when in a new city. If someone knocks on the door, it will be hard to identify. With the robotic service, our system provides camera to identify it is robot coming.


A self-manageable system for travelers to trust

A self-manageable robotic hotel based on YOTEL Brand chain for travelers to enjoy a short stay when they are transferring at stations, especially providing services for safety and efficiency.


Yotel provides packaged services and fast check out items

Apart from these, with the feedbacks from testing and students
• The default payment method should be one time payment without pulling out the phone again
• If the user opens the door, they should be able to see the robot outside
• Tracking the robot routes and give feedbacks real-time can help guest feel safe
• Accessories can be grouped into packages if hotel wants efficiency of delivery
• Smart Conversation on the screen can be a good add on without voices


User Interface Design

I decided to combine the aesthetics of neon colors and Japanese fonts.
Keywords: Night time, Female, and Neon




Icon & buttons Design


Robot Design


Hotel market does not fit young travelers needs for low cost and high efficient especially during transfer.

Currently, most hotels near transfer points are in dangerous areas, expensive and do not accommodate short stays. They are not good options for travelers to stay for transferring with low cost and high efficient.

Brand Identity

Yotel : Futuristic, Self-manageable, and young living environment

There is an increasing demand on capsule concept which was  populated in Asian market. Capsule has recently been introduced to the U.S market in places like New York & San Francisco. Yotel is a micro hotel chain providing luscious cabin experiences that uses  airline style self-check in kiosks. They smartly provides technology uses such  robotic luggage concierge and delivery.


Fast check-in/out but high expenses and danger.

I traveled all the way to San Francisco to try Yotel there. I experience great experiences such as well done self Check-in/out and clean rooms.

Dangerous with 24/7 2 security

High expenses as a small room

Hard to find and get my wanted accessories

"We decided to sleep at airport because we feel it is too much consuming to take bus to motel and come back for another flight."

-Tranfering family in LAX airpot

"I met the girl that was missing in downtown and it is already night time but people have to leave the station if they do not have a ticket."

-Front desk, Union Station

"I am transferring at Union station and my phone dies ,I feel it is the end of the world in an unknown city."

-Jimmy, a backpacker transfering at Union Station


Define the features for travelers

Define the must, could, wont features and guidelines for the services providing for guest

Group up findings into different feature categories


Acting out by using the phone to check-in/out


" I agree with your near term, but what about future term, is the key selling point still low cost or is it high efficiency? I need to download app just for short stays? "

prototype 2

Expanding the experience to the immersive space

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