Yotel Capsule
Futuristic robotic capsule hotel

A self-manageable robotic hotel based on YOTEL Brand chain for travelers to enjoy a short stay when they are transferring at stations, especially providing services for safety and efficiency.


I wanted to improve the transfer experience after doing first-handed research overnight at Airpot and Train stations, conducting field trip tests, and uncovering points of friction especially for young age travelers.


How can I improve current gaps including high expenses and less need for fine services between hotel owners and young travelers need by using technology?

Stress free room services

Yotel guests are able to free from room services, especially at night time. Hotel owners are free from hiring night time workers for extra expenses.

Order without jumping to another payment page

Since the payment card is linked to customer, it does not require additional information when they order the room service.

Security check

Staying safe in the room is important when in a new city. If someone knocks on the door, it will be hard to identify. With the robotic service, our system provides camera to identify it is robot coming.

What Yotel Offers?

Yotel offers a short stay and hourly charged capsule service at transfer spots such as train stations and airport.

-Room Service
-Security Guard

Danger and Journey behind the design.

I did first-handed research by walking alone in downtown LA

by interviewing with the people in LA stations and airport,  I did not expect it can be so dangerous and full of unpredictable situations such as time  efficiency, safety, and expenses.


"We decided to sleep at airport because we feel it is too much consuming to take bus to motel and come back for another flight."


"I met the girl that was missing in downtown and it is already night time but people have to leave the station if they do not have a ticket."


"I am transferring at Union station and my phone dies ,I feel it is the end of the world in an unknown city."

Design Criteria

First-round User Journey- app paper prototype

Testing and feedbacks

I agree with your near term, but what about future term, is the key selling point still low cost or is it high efficiency? I need to download app just for short stays?
I just want to stay for a short period of time, think about what is necessary for basic supplies?
Do you need to enter your payment info every time you place the order?

Second-round journey- Yotel interactive display

UI Canvas

The design concept is futuristic, night, and guarding.

Acting out the Journey

Testing Findings

The findings came from the testing was from other peers' perspectives that they have different goals of coming to use this YOTEL service. Also I travelled to Japan and San Francisco to try the capsule services and observe how current customers need.

Story and tasks

Design behind the stories and user scenario, I asked my friends to read out loud and they gave feedbacks along the way.


All the menu was on the top in the first round of design and it got moved down to the side and lower sight positions.

Existing Services

I travelled all the way to Yotel in San Francisco and Japan Capsule hotel, what I learnt is that young age people love to stay there for a short-period of time.

Next Step

Improvements of screens