Creative Remix Strategy for Airbnb Experiences

This is a final week project for Creative Strategy class. It shows my creative strategies to add more fun and friendliness to the Airbnb brand.


Airbnb Remix Project is a brand strategy remix by adding ideas to Airbnb Brand that
WHAT IF it is Airbnb, how would they design this based on their brand strategy?
I chose Airbnb as my final theme for my Creative Strategy class because I grew up in hotels for the first 18 years of my life and Airbnb experiences inspired my career goal to choose design as my major.

Fridolin Beisert

Project Duration:
3 weeks, Winter 2019

Design Principles
In order to create new design based on Airbnb brand strategy, I first researched and determined on the design principles to follow

What does "Airbnb for everyone" mean to me?

First of all, I believe it's emphasizing the effort to the make the product easy to use, regardless of the user's culture, age, or familiarity with technology, etc. Secondly, Airbnb is there to provide personalized experiences. I found it very important to not only go to local places, eat local food, but also dress in a way that feels authentic and fits into the environment.

My Strategy
To remix the experience by +/- existing elements like a DJ

With the design principle in mind, I started remixing the experiences by picking written slices gathered from friends and myself.
1. Graduation Trip
2. Local fashions
3.Airbnb Plus Toilet

Airbnb +

1.1 Graduation Road Trip: Family Car Rental Experiences

What if ...

Airbnb can take care of my first stop in LA so I don't have to worry about transportation from airport to Airbnb with so many luggages.

1.2 Graduation Road Trip: Family Shared Music List

What if ...

Airbnb can provide a shared list amon famly members so everyone can have easy control over what music to enjoy.

1.3 Graduation Road Trip: Family Location

What if ...

Airbnb can allow location sharing among family members so it is easy to track where each member is without the fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar environment.

2. Local fashion rent shops

I love traveling around the world. And for me to fully experience the local culture, I find it very important to not only go to local places but also dress in a way that feels authentic and fits into the environment.

For example, when I went on a trip to Japan, I was super excited to wear local Kimono rented from a local fashion shop; When I studied in Berlin as an exchange student, I was invited to go to Berlin night clubs with friends. It was a very fresh and awesome experience. But in order to get in, I needed to follow dress code. And local fashion shops came to help again. I had to spend whole day walking around and sorting suitable clothes out of vintage shops in Berlin. I think it would be awesome to have this feature as a part of Airbnb experience.

@ Japan
@Wear Kimono

@ Berlin Vintage
@Pick & Weight Store
@Street Fashion
@ Night clubs

What if ...

Airbnb lists a collection of local fashion rental options with ratings and reviews. This will help travelers find local and authentic fashion, and therefore immersing into local culture, so much more easily.

3. Airbnb Plus Restroom

Travel on a road trip is always having troubles such as not able to find restrooms or the restroom in certain areas are too dirty to go. I found that Airbnb Plus is a program for elevating existing Airbnb travel experience by setting up standards for plus experiences.