Virtualitics-B2B AI Enterprise data analysis platform through 3D visualization

My Role: UX design Intern

• Led quantitative & qualitative research for an AI enterprise B2B data visualization platform.
• Defined user needs to final implementation of image sharing tool as the #1 feature requested by Banks and Federal clients through iterative process and UX flows.
• Collaborated with QA team to create system guidelines & documents for internal team & new users.
• Launched Image Capture tool to all enterprise customers, expanded the data visualization user pool to marketing teams.

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July2018 -April 2019( 10 months)

Data scientists, Engineers, 3D Visualization Artist, Q&A testing

What is Virtualitics?

Virtualitics is a startup founded by NASA employees and funded by CalTech Lab. Virtualitics, and their goal is to improve workplace relationships by focusing predictive AI models, and leverage exploration and collaboration in data analysis space.

Our softwares provide platforms for business industries including banks and government to analyze 3D data. It offers AI-driven analytics PC& VR platform for sharing data and presentation in 3D world space, and big data visualization.

Works during 10 months internship

1. Innovate multiple data visualization graphs using our platform
2. Quantitative Research on new features
3. Create & lead image capture tool from scratch to final implementation
4. Design system consistency
5. Scientific Research papers
6. Marketing website design
7. User testing with Q & A
8. Workshop Presentation
9. Detailed specs across platforms
10. VR design assistant

Case 1: Data Image Sharing tool

During my 10 months internship, I worked on multiple projects from researching, wireframing, internal testing workshop, and even marketing. Image capture tool is what I led from scratch to final implementation. This project was successfully delivered to out client within 2 months. I worked with our engineer team & QA from multiple iterations to final deliverable to our clients.

Main user type

We have one main target users to use our platforms. The predictive visualization that data analysts generate 3D visualization is extremely important, which is why they became our main user types.

Data analysts who needs to grab insights from big data efficiently

Spend tons of time analyzing data points. They want to always be ready to accelerated our analytics in their work and collaboration.

“Virtualitics has not only helped us to save time but has allowed us to seamlessly identify critical business insights”

Analyze stakeholder's needs: 
Build a data sharing solution

I found that data scientists are now using low quality output image export tools from 3rd parties. The outcome is not optimal for them to present and share with their team. Data are seen from different perspectives and there is no way for them to see it frame by frame.

Quick sharing to other without using 3rd party image captures

Can be shared in different formats not just images

Easily access to the capture tool not just export

Show the interactivity with the data graph

A tool to increase marketing purpose

Not able to have a good quality data visualization sharing

90% business clients use 3rd party tools to share data result on our platform but they have increasing need to share 3D data visualization graphs with their colleagues. It turns into low quality images now.

Cannot share from multiple perspectives

Most of our enterprise customers use our software to present with their clients. They want to share from different 3D perspective. Key insights of data are not just from one point, it is about mixing & comparison.

Competitor research

In the market, I found that most data analysis softwares do not accept interactivity with the graph when they export their image. But I also learnt that sharing image is not an easy tool to use and it requires a step-by-step critical moment during the journey.

Define MVP :comprehensive feature list

I originally proposed that image+video can be advantage for us as the only AI-driven 3D visualization platform. Also people can share the image by using our platform to become an interactive html link and live sharing as a team to interact our data.

But, we decided to narrow it down to MVP as a screen capture tool to generate different formats and save locally.

Define MVP :Narrow down into screenshot tool

Taking it to the MVP

Let’s say I helped a data scientist to create this tool during his analysis presentation day

01.Can be captured in different formats: image, video, gif
02.Freedom of controlling the capture: Resizing/Close/Stop
04.Local Saving: png, mov, mp4

Find the optimal layout for user to interpret and interact with our data

I started to test out the layout for each of the design in order to see which position would be perfect fit into the existing system layout.

Chosen: Top banner for system consistency

Implement information hierarchy to match system consistency


The pop-up export setting was originally set as a separate window with frame rate, rotation, resolution, etc., based on research


I decided to follow the system guideline and break it into a hierarchical structure based on users' behaviors to make resolutions more understandable

Shorten the user flow for UX & Development efficiency


The first version was too complicated without information clearly displayed


After discussion, I decided to break it into states to show each step of the recording process

Clients’ testing: Once recording, it needs better cognitive visibility

Clients’ testing: Once recording, it needs better cognitive visibility


This hover over tooltip helps first time users to find which is the hotkey quickly.

Right Click Quick Access

For those users who are used to our system, they love to find quick access by simply right clicking. I decided to implement it with the right click menu.

Case 2: Implement design system with Data scientists

I worked with data scientists to define all the plot icon consistency and redesigned them based on my understanding of interactivity. I also implemented them and delivered their UI wireframes to our engineers. It was successfully implemented on our top contextual bar.

Case 3: Website Redesign

I worked closely with market team on website redesign and documentation on Wordpress. This project lasts about 3 months. It was successfully launching internally.

Reflection on internship

Don’t be feature-driven, be user driven as my goal

I was trying to show my logistic thinking when designing a feature. I tried to bring feature to every touchpoint of the use cases. But I realize that user may not really need it when we did testing.
Be proactive and be collaborative to understand capability from engineers

I was trying to bring things to pixel-perfect when presenting to engineer. But the most important thing is to get to the needs and then refine it by different rounds.

My Projects/ 2018-2020

🍔 frog Design: Redesign food & family experiences
for families & food/ 2019

💡 Google Look: Voice UI to search nearby
with AI assistant /2018-2020

📈 Virtualitics: Data Analysis Internship
with AI algorithm and VR visualizations

🦄 Bauer: Educational platform to study design
for teenagers / 2020