Jun-Sep 2017 ( Updated 2020)

Interaction Designer

Sketch, Principle, After Effects

Annie Pan
Hojung Kim
Mo Ro Young

Reimagining a carpool system that
solo travelers use to enjoy memorable moments with other travelers.

I led the design of group creation, which travelers rely on to discover nearby and find people to travel together. Our long-term goal was to ensure that solo travelers can travel spontaneously around in a different country.

Process Deck

- The Background-


Since 2018, solo travel has been 131%  increase in the Solo Travel in google search. We interviewed with 8 participants with solo traveling experiences in different countries. Our goals were to understand the challenges solo traveling faced across their journey.

1. Meaningful connections
Solo travelers are more open to meeting new people, but often they encounters never last beyond the trip.

2. Stress of planning
Some solo travelers go on the trip without any solid plans and most travelers stay flexible for unexpected experiences.

3. Long lasting friendship
Travelers usually catch up with their friends with memorable photos.

“I have a group that we travelled together before and we use photos to relive the memory for the next trip.”
-Darren, Solo traveler in Japan

“I planned only the first week when traveling to Swiss and run out of plan for the rest of trip and stayed at hotel. ”
-Kim, Solo traveler in Japan

“I love when I met other solo travelers from Tokyo in a hostel and went for trips together.  We had really great talks. But We did not talk anymore.”
-Not, Solo traveler vlogger and photographer


Reimagine how solo travelers can meet and have memorable moments

- Our Solutions -

Create a group as a leader

Solo travellers can easily create a group to the public and set up a time for the carpool to start. Our app offers a preview of the time and team size for the trip.

Spontaneous groups to join

Travelers can quickly join other groups by looking from nearby groups and join them without running out of plan.

In-Car gaming

Car hosts social games asking various questions, with answers supported by visual from more than two users on each side


An overview of the experience as it stands today, identifying plan & share as the focus for this project. I found that solo travelers are more open to have spontaneous trip because of the stress of planning and getting lost on the trip.


How might we
1. Allow more travelers to get immersed in a local culture ?
2. Create a memorable experience during a SOLO trip?
3. Improve transportation efficiency while travelling in a new country?

Carpool groups
1.A place to carpool efficiently with low prices
2.Meet up with other travelers on the way

Shareable memories
1.Track your real-time location and find things to do
2.Find people to travel together and without stress of planning


We focused on how we could provide and keep a shareable trip because solo travelers open to spontaneous moments and miss the moments. To quickly generate a number of different solutions, I started exploring ideas with low-fidelity sketches.


I started hypothesis with the goal to improve solo traveler's spontaneous trips from planning to meeting new people:

1. Solo travelers can lessen their planning stress by joining spontaneous groups with others before/during the trip.
2. Travelers are not afraid of going alone for a solo trip any more.
3.Memorable moments are tracked along the trip for travelers to share and look back on social media and have an increasing sharing posts on timeline.


After testing the needs and micro-interaction with real travelers, I realize that they do need more clear goal when using this app. Also, they all care about safety as a solo traveler.

Breaking down the traveling stages and needs.
"I am curious about what if I am in the trip?"
"It looks more like a planing app but not something special for this app to offering."

Improve profile verification to ensure safety feeling
"I am worried about meeting new people in a new environment as a female traveler, but I am open to make friends along the way. If the app makes me feel safe, I would not worry about that issue."


I worked with industrial designer thinking through the journey around solo travelers during their spontaneous moments and how product works with the device during the trip & after the trip.

App & Physical Product Interaction
1. App assists users journey before the trip
2. Bump free travelers from looking at phone and get immersed with the environment


Here is how we are taking care of the journey for solo travelers to solve their getting lost, stressed out of planning the trip and having better memories after the trip.


As we teamed up with industrial designers, we collaborated closely as a team to research the future autonomous market and see what travelers need. By doing white boarding, we had discussions including business goals and localized community from the system.


I learnt a lot from working with industrial designers and envision the future trend not limited to digital space. During the design process, we made decisions such as:
1. What products can be fit to a transportation journey where travelers may walk, pause, and on the car
2. How can travelers receive our product before/after the journey along with the phone
3. Which part of the journey does our app take care of and when it will be switching to bigger screen.

In addition, I am currently working on redesign the in-car experiences for travellers to socialize in the car.

My Projects/ 2018-2020

🍔 frog Design: Redesign food & family experiences
for families & food/ 2019

💡 Google Look: Voice UI to search nearby
with AI assistant /2018-2020

📈 Virtualitics: Data Analysis Internship
with AI algorithm and VR visualizations

🦄 Bauer: Educational platform to study design
for teenagers / 2020