Yoohoo is an autonomous carpool system for solo travelers touring in 2025. We bring travelers together by providing planning, socializing groups, and carpool rides.

Timeline:Jun-Sep 2017

Role:Interaction Designer

Skills:Sketch, Principle, After Effects

I worked with industrial designers to study how future autonomous car can be integrated into local community and new lifestyle and habits for travelers.

Full Process Deck

- Define future trends-


Solo travel which is now leading the trend, with huge market but brings lots of concerns.Since 2018, solo travel has been 131%  increase in the Solo Travel in google search.  But solo travelers are facing issues along their trip.

48% indicated safety was their biggest worry.

Stress of planning
Everything comes out of your own planning and worries of commuting alone.

ExpensesTraveling alone with all the expenses on the transportation & meal.


how might we leverage solo travel experiences and enjoy efficient transport, build connections, and memorable moments?

- Our Solutions -

Star places to go

Plan out before the trip and star places that you want to go

Plan as a team

Plan out before the trip and star places that you want to go



We interviewed with 8 participants ranging from group traveling to professional solo traveling experiences in different countries. Our goals were to understand the challenges solo traveling faced across their journey.

1. Meaningful connections
Solo travelers are more open to meeting new people, but often they encounters never last beyond the trip.

Some solo travelers go on the trip without any solid plans and most travelers stay flexible for unexpected experiences.

3.Memorable moments
Travelers usually catch up with their friends with memorable photos.

“I normally plan on excel, but I realized that the most memorable are the unplanned moments.”

“I got lost when transporting alone in the Japan. Luckily another traveller took me to the bus and we had a meal together.”

“My friends and I use photos as a way to catch up withe them after the trip.”


After researching the market and interviews, we found out opportunities where Yoohoo provide a social space.

Mobile groups1.A place to carpool efficiently with low prices
2.Meet up with other travellers on the way

Shareable memories1.Track your real-time location and find things to do nearby
2.Find people to travel with without stress of planning


Worked as a team from brainstorming sketches to Ideation. with clients during weekly workshops.


We decided to break down the hierachy based on the user needs and goal from the event, audio books, and e-shop.


Sketch out the concepts


Ideate the concepts

Next Projects/ 2018-2020PROJECASE CASE STUDIES

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💡 Google Look: Voice UI to search nearbywith AI assistant /2018-2020

🍔 frog Design: Redesign global food brand
📈 Virtualitics: Data Analysis Internship
with AI algorithm and VR visualizations