LAVA: Netflix Creative Jam

Do you love seeing live reaction videos? Many love sharing moments face to face but watching shows can be a lacking experience on that front. Lava helps hundreds of remote friends and communities of favorite shows share their authentic moments, commentary, and fun facts asynchronously. Lava is also ideal for getting together and bonding over a social overlay that highlights facial recognition clips of everyone’s reactions with their personalized memojis.

Link to Prototype

Next Projects/ 2018-2020PROJECASE CASE STUDIES

🚗 Yoohoo: Autonomous Carpool systemfor solo travelers / 2018

💡 Google Look: Voice UI to search nearbywith AI assistant /2018-2020

🍔 frog Design: Redesign global food brand
📈 Virtualitics: Data Analysis Internship
with AI algorithm and VR visualizations