5G Research

May - August 2019

UX Researcher

Independent Study with Todd Masiko

In May 2019, I started to imagine the future of 5G smart city and how it can reshape people's way to work and meet in 2025. That brings me to explore 5G cloud-based workspace opportunities that transform our working style nowadays, break limitations of space, and visualizes future IoT environment.

My mission:

To envision the future of 5G smart city and how it can reshape people's way to work and meet in 2025.

-What is 5G?-


5G will enable a truly connected world with beamfoaming, small cells and macro cell antennas.

1.Beamboaming enhanced the signals concentrated beam that points only in the direction of a user.
2.Small cells Antennas such as streetlights, trees, buildings.

- What about 4G compared with 5G?-


4G enables mobile phone experiences while 5G can expand to future use cases that phone cannot do.

Video Streaming in real-time
GPS locations to pickup and navigate
Social media networking and posts

What if 5G…
1.It is so fast and there is no delay of internet
2.People are all connected in different platforms
3.5G can do more than 4G potentials to improve efficiency

-What are the potential opportunities in 5G smart city?-


I started to interview with 5G experts and office workers,
"4G mostly serves for phones, but 5G serves for everything"
-Fred, Ericsson 5G engineer
"5G determines the evolution and future possibilities of VR/AR technology."
-Kyle, department chair of design technology
at Parsons
"5G IoT: The cost and size of the chip is very small, it lasts much longer time than 4G."
-Bruce, frog Design Technologist"Smart phone is owned by one person, but smart device is owned by more than one person."
-Taiwanese, 4G telecommunication company



The issue happened here is that: I only cared about consistency and not realize that there is a motion sickness problem in VR 360 world. People feel their body not moving when brain seeing themselves moving.

-What are the potential opportunities in 5G smart city?-

01. Ultra-reliable low latency communications

5G enables you to interact with surroundings

With 5G low latency, it welcomes autonomous car to reality. Working no longer limits to stationary offices, but everywhere. 5G-driven autonomous car take care of the road while you are dedicated in work.

02.Massive machine to machine communications

5G expands your workspace

Interaction between every machine by expanding the interactive space. 5G allows large quantity of data to transmit between automated machines to ensure inventory. You will have freedom to transmit between screens.

03.Enhanced mobile broadband

5G empowers collaboration remotely

By having IoT in working spaces such as 360 degree camera, future teamworks will be much easier by collecting and analyzing the data from surrounding. In no time, your colleague sees what you see.


The Feedback from The Expert User
5G is a cold word that only shows how fast but I learnt to keep chatting about the concept with user and the feedbacks from their working experiences inspires me to bring some humanity into design.

My Projects/ 2018-2020

🍔 frog Design: Redesign food & family experiences
for families & food/ 2019

💡 Google Look: Voice UI to search nearby
with AI assistant /2018-2020

📈 Virtualitics: Data Analysis Internship
with AI algorithm and VR visualizations

🦄 Bauer: Educational platform to study design
for teenagers / 2020