Yotel Captule Robotic Experience

A self-manageable robotic hotel based on YOTEL Brand chain for travelers to enjoy a short stay when they are transferring at stations, especially providing services for safety and efficiency.

Creative Strategy: friendly robot

Muti-modal explorations of how we can turn a digital space to be inclusive and accessible. I want to bring the concept of "Less is more" of how to bring humanity to the machine with simply adding two eyes.

Hi, New York

Created for the wall of the Yotel brand in New York along with the Mediatecture projects. The digital installation features an infinity screen that hangs in front of the lobby. It became an opportunity to create an immersive experience for Yotel guests to become friends. It acts like a portal to virtual chatting, connecting two initiatives along the consumer journey.

Tools: Processing, Projector, Madmapper, TSPS

Lava: Adobe + Netflix Creative Jam

Do you love seeing live reaction videos? Many love sharing moments face to face but watching shows can be a lacking experience on that front. Lava helps hundreds of remote friends and communities of favorite shows share their authentic moments, commentary, and fun facts asynchronously. Lava is also ideal for getting together and bonding over a social overlay that highlights facial recognition clips of everyone’s reactions with their personalized memojis.
48 Hours to accomplish design from scratch with team: Enrique & Ray
Link to Prototype